We serve the Twin Cities Metro Area from Minnetonka and beyond. Whether you are right over on Shady Oak Road, up in Anoka, or over there in White Bear Lake, we do our best to provide service to your area. 

Mobile crane Service

A Mobile Crane Service For Every Occasion

Big projects often call for big machines. You don’t want to sink hundreds of thousands of dollars into a piece of heavy equipment that you’re only going to use once. Instead, you can use our mobile crane service and let our experts handle the heavy lifting for you. Once their job is done they’ll be out of your way and your wallet will thank you.

Our mobile crane company services all of the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas as well as much of the entire state. We work with clients from several different counties and cities to help them complete major projects. This can include crane services for huge commercial developments as well as smaller residential projects.

The best part is that you don’t have to waste time learning to operate new equipment. We employ highly trained crane operators who have made a living operating heavy machinery. They understand how to operate these vehicles with the utmost efficiency and accuracy. Their skills and experience allow them to make quick work of transporting materials, lifting trusses, hoisting cell towers, or whatever service might be required of them. Here’s a look at some of those services.

Commercial And Residential Shingle Lifting

The shingle roof isn’t going out of style anytime soon. It’s one of the most popular roofing materials in the country and can be among the most affordable. Unfortunately, it can also be pretty heavy. A standard pack of shingles weighs around 80 pounds and will only cover a small portion of a residential roof. Putting new shingles on a roof means hauling dozens of these heavy packages up a dangerous ladder throughout the day.

A much easier and safer option is to have them lifted onto the roof with a boom truck or crane. Several packages of shingles can be loaded onto the crane at one time and then effortlessly lifted to the roof. They can then be unloaded from the crane in a matter of minutes just in time to bring up more. The entire process would take a fraction of the time needed to manually carry the shingles up the ladder.

Using a mobile crane service is even more important if you’re working on a commercial building. The roof will be larger and the building may be a lot taller. At that point, carrying shingles up the ladder is actually putting contractors at risk. The only viable solution is to use a crane service to quickly move the shingles up to the roof. It can save lives and it can certainly save a lot of time.

And shingles aren’t the only materials we can lift to the surface of the roof. You may require additional power tools or heavy materials to complete the job. Whether it’s shingles, saws, slabs, or buckets of tar; our crane service will make getting materials on the roof a breeze. That means the roof is shingled faster and you can move on to the next job.

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Storm Damage Cleanup

When a serious storm hits Minneapolis it leaves a path of destruction behind it. That path includes collapsed homes, damaged cell towers, and fallen trees. Our mobile crane service happens to excel at lifting and removing the large debris that is left behind. We work with local organizations as well as independent clients across the state in need of help after a storm.

We utilize a large fleet of vehicles with an army of highly-trained operators. If a recent storm has knocked over several trees on your property you don’t have to tackle them by yourself. We can guarantee that the job isn’t too big for our experts. We’ll schedule an appointment, arrive with our cranes, and transport the fallen debris to a designated location.

In most cases, this only involves lifting fallen trees. But we can help lift other heavy debris as well. And we can even help repair the damage depending on what it is. For example, we often respond to post-storm calls involving damaged cell towers. Our experts can lift fallen towers, hoist new towers, and perform maintenance on existing towers.

In addition to trees and cell towers, similar services can be provided for power line poles, large antennas, and even entire buildings that have collapsed. We have the right tools and the right experts to ensure timely removal of debris and cleanup of the site.

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Commercial Sign Installation

If you’re a new business owner, then congratulations to you. You’ve embarked on one of life’s most rewarding and simultaneously frustrating experiences. You’ll need to constantly search for new ways to connect with customers and attract new business. One way to do this is by installing a big, flashing sign right outside of your building. It will grab the attention of anyone who passes by and is guaranteed to increase foot traffic.

The only problem is that installing a big sign is not an easy task. That is unless you own a mobile crane service. Lifting, installing, repairing, and maintaining business signs are just some of the many tasks that we perform on a regular basis. We can’t design the sign for you and we can’t manufacture it, but we can do just about everything else.

Maintenance for your sign is an important job that cannot be overlooked. Investing in a sign is a smart choice, but the work doesn’t stop there. The sign will be exposed to constant sunlight, harsh weather, and those famous Minneapolis storms. It’s going to get dirty, dim, and maybe even broken. That’s when it will stop attracting new business and start scaring away potential customers.

Our technicians will keep your sign in working order and make sure it looks good as well. This includes ensuring all mechanical and electrical components are working, that there is no visible damage to the sign, and that it is clearly visible to potential customers. And instead of wasting time with this maintenance yourself you can focus on that next big idea that’s going to help your business grow.

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Commercial HVAC Removal And Installation

A commercial HVAC system can be a massive and delicate piece of equipment. Some single units weigh more than 3,000 pounds. It’s safe to say that you won’t be carrying this up the ladder after the shingles. Even so, many commercial buildings install their outside HVAC units on the roof. That’s where our mobile crane service comes into play. We can lift, place, and install the system at once.

There are a lot of ways for an HVAC installation to go wrong. In the best-case scenario, the only consequence is insufficient heating and cooling. A more serious accident during lifting or installation could damage the building or the HVAC unit. Suffice to say, you need to trust that you’re working with the best. An HVAC system may not seem like an important part of your business, but a single mistake during installation could cause a lot of problems.

When you work with us, you can relax and take a deep breath. Our clients are always satisfied with the work we perform; whether it’s lifting an HVAC unit, moving shingles, or installing a cell phone tower. It may seem like we’re a “Jack of all trades” but that’s only because we’ve sourced the right equipment and the right professionals for the important jobs. We want to not only help you lift those heavy appliances but install them and maintain them as well. Hopefully, you won’t need to turn to another service in the future.

Truss Lifting all around Minnesota

Heavy Equipment Transport

Sometimes, the hardest part of a job is simply getting the right equipment on-site. Moving a piece of heavy machinery from point-A to point-B is no easy task. Ironically, you often need other heavy machinery to get the job done. And we can guarantee that our fleet has the heavy machinery you need to transport your equipment.

Don’t let a little distance stop you from accepting that big job or tackling that next project. Investing in equipment transport is easier and cheaper than you might think. We’ll schedule a moving time over the phone or in-person and you can start your next job with the right equipment. We can transport equipment throughout the state at a price that’s a lot better than the competition.

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The cost varies according to several factors. The most important things to consider are the weight of the equipment and the distance that they need to travel. Obviously, a shorter distance is going to cost less. If you’re still worried that the price might be too high you can call our office today and discuss the details with one of our experts. You just might be surprised at how little it costs.

Equipment Rental Services

Is there a big opportunity around the corner, but you lack the equipment needed to get the job done? Buying the equipment yourself might cost more than the job is worth. But there are other options on the table. You can have access to some of our best heavy equipment without anyone else behind the wheel. We offer equipment rentals on a variety of our vehicles, cranes, and lifts.

We take a great deal of pride in the operators that we hire. Even so, we understand that sometimes all you need is the crane itself. Maybe you’re capable of operating it yourself or you have trained contractors who can. You can save yourself some money by renting the equipment for as long as you need it and then returning once you’re done.

You might be surprised to learn that a lot of the heavy machinery operated at construction sites isn’t owned by any of the contractors on site. Relying on rentals has been growing significantly in popularity over the past decade. It’s become one of the most reliable and cost-effective methods of accessing the latest heavy equipment on the market.

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Eliminate The Hassles Of Owning Heavy Machinery

As a company that owns many cranes, Bobcats, forklifts, and other forms of heavy machinery; we can attest to just how much work and attention they require. Servicing and maintaining heavy equipment can easily burn through hundreds or thousands of dollars long after you’ve finished making the purchase. Unless you plan on using it every day and making a lot of money, it just doesn’t make sense to purchase one outright.

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Why bother with cleaning, maintaining, and repairing a piece of machinery that weighs thousands of pounds when we can do it for you? The equipment that you rent from our company is always in the best possible condition. We inspect and service our fleet on a regular basis. We guarantee that our vehicles are always operating at maximum efficiency and are always ready for the tough jobs. Some of the equipment rentals that we offer include cranes, forklifts, front end loaders, backhoes, Bobcats, boom trucks, and skid steers.

What if there is a really specific piece of equipment that you need and we simply don’t have it? We can help you find it. We work with a large network of equipment suppliers in the state and across the country. We’ll help you hunt down the exact machine that you need to finish the job.

Choosing The Right Company

Are we the only company with a large fleet of heavy equipment that offers rentals and mobile crane services? Absolutely not. We’re not even the only company in this region that offers these services. However, we can say that we are the best. We keep our vehicles in the best possible quality, we only hire the best-trained professionals, and we always perform to the highest standard of quality on the job.

We may be a mobile crane service, but we specialize in a lot more than just heavy lifting. That includes heavy equipment transportation, cell tower hoisting, commercial HVAC installation, and commercial sign repair. When there’s a big job you need a big company with big equipment. And that’s exactly what our mobile crane service is. Call our office today to discuss your needs with our staff.

Take a look at some of the feedback we have received from just a few of the great people we have met over the years:

I was in a jam and needed boom service for a job we were doing that needed some special attention. My first 4 calls all said “NO”. Minnetonka Crane said “YES”. When I asked them about immediate availability, the owner went the extra mile to make things work for my situation. I LOVE THAT! 

Brian W., Minnetonka

This was my first interaction with a crane service, but if I ever need anything like this again, Minnetonka Crane and Boom will be my first call. Our driveway was pretty muddy with all the new construction services coming in and out and I was worried that big equipment coming in would be a problem. Wasn’t even an issue. They came in, did the job and were done in a quick and efficient manner.

Richard S., Chanhassen 

On time. That’s my biggest concern on job sites. Minnetonka Crane showed up on time and didn’t waste any getting the job done. Actions speak louder than words in my book. Solid company.

Ryan N., Plymouth

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